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Wagner Flexio 2000 Review: Ultimate paint sprayer for beginners

Coming from the well-known brand Wagner SprayTech Corporation, the Wagner Flexio 2000 is a portable sprayer that can help you solve any problem you might have when using other kinds of painting tools and help you finish your project eight times faster.

It is a perfect tool for the homeowners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts who love repairing and transforming older things in your home.

This equipment allows you to create professional finishes with full coverage for any craft whether if it’s indoor or outdoor. Not only can it shorten the time on your project, it can also be extremely easy and simple to clean with few removable parts.




  • Does not require an air compressor like some of the sprayers that are available on the market.
  • One and a half quart cup will provide you enough material that can cover up to an area of ten foot by twelve foot with just one fill.
  • Has two settings for both thick and thin materials like varnish, acrylics, fresh paint, oil-based paint and more.
  • Designed with adjustable spray width level.
  • Paint dries faster than using a brush or a paint roller.
  • Easy to clean and put back together with log-n-go features


Exterior paint requires thinning and can take quite some time.


Plastic Construction

Most of the components of Wagner 2000 are made of high-quality plastic which makes the product extremely lightweight, only 6.1 pounds.

Therefore, anyone can hold and use it easily and the price point is very affordable, but still be able to function effectively.

But do not expose the sprayer under intense sunlight since the action of UV rays can make the plastic become brittle and remember to cleaning the plastic material with midly warm water to keep the sprayer safe so you can use it longer.

Ispray Nozzle

The Ispray nozzle is designed to deliver a light and smooth looking finish on every surface you’re painting so you won’t have to worry about over spraying.

This is an ideal pick for beginners because you can use it confidently and comfortably so you can improve your skills

X-Boost Power Dial

The Wagner 2000 features two settings for both thin and thick material, which means it can meet all your repairing needs, from painting big things like house, fence, deck, ceiling to paint smaller things like furniture or craft project.

This gun can help you to achieve that fine, professional looking finish for any indoor or outdoor project of yours. For thicker material, it will require a lot of thinning before you can get started on spraying.

One And A Half Quart Paint Cup

You can get into hard-to-reach places or up ladders with this paint cup without hoses getting tangled. It can contain one and a half quarts of paint, enough to cover up to ten foot by twelve foot surface which save you from constant refilling.

It also makes it a lot easier to relocate the sprayer since the paint is in the cup. Plus, the cup has a wide mouth so you can fill and refill easily.

If you don’t use all the material during your project, you can always pour it back into a different container. You do not need to waste any material and you can save it for another project you might have in the future.

Log-N-Go Spilt Design

With this design, the cleaning won’t be a time-consuming process of your project anymore. You will find it very easy to separate the gun into five parts.

This gives you the ability to clean the sprayer quickly, easily and stress-free within less than four minutes. And since the cleaning process is so simple like this, you can do it regularly and the tool will end up having longer life expectancy, this means you do not have to invest a huge amount of money on non-durable products that are available on the market.

Precise Adjustments For Spraying

You can effortlessly adjust the spray pattern to be suitable for the surface you are painting on using the modify function of the air cap.

Turn the cap ears in a horizontal position if you want to paint in up and down motion. And turn the cap ears in a vertical position if you want to paint from side to side.

Easy To Manipulate

You can maneuver Wagner 2000 from many different angles and it’s still going to work perfectly and effectively. It is particularly easy to use since it’s so lightweight, it won’t hurt your arm when you have to hold it in a long time, even children can use it, under the supervision of adults, of course.

This experience can bring the whole family together to build your own home and spend some time together.

Quiet Use

This tool operates in a very quiet way. This feature allows you to use the gun whenever you want without having worried about causing any trouble for the neighbors or even your own family members.

While other products require an air compressor to work can be tremendously loud, this sprayer won’t make any unpleasant sound that might disturb the residents near you. Therefore you can unleash your creativity without concerning anyone.


Before you decide to purchase any item online, you have to check what other customers have to say about the product. And so if you search any other Wagner Flexio 2000 Review, you can see people were amazed and pleased with the quality of the product.

The gun has proved to be able to live up with the expectations of the customers. They pointed out that the spraying process has turned out to be a fun and enjoyable process.

Wagner 2000 has saved them time, material, money and effort unlike other traditional tools like brush or paint roller.


This sprayer is a perfect option for the majority of homeowners who love repairing their house every once or twice a year. But this may not suitable for professional painters who need to spray a large amount of paint for big projects.

So if you are looking for something light and easy to use for your craft project, this sprayer can be the item that you should consider purchasing.